To Chardonnay or not to Chardonnay... Wait, no, you will definitely want to try this one!

We were contacted by Arron Johnson, owner of The Lodge Winery of Glen Ellen California who wanted a way to help our organization out, while sharing the amazing wines, oils, and vinegar’s that are produced from their vineyard. He is an avid outdoorsman, shooting enthusiast, and supporter of our 2A rights. His products are geared towards those of us in the gun and outdoors communities and after having had the chance to try them out, I am highly impressed.

The first one I have tried is their Chardonnay in their Angler Series. In the picture, the bottle of the Chardonay is on the right. Each of their bottles has beautiful imagery and coloring.

From their site:

2016 Chardonnay (Monterey)
“This Chardonnay is made from grapes grown in Monterey, a seaside region located along California's central coast. This region boasts one of the world's longest growing seasons where Chardonnay grapes thrives due to the cooling influence of the ocean's on-shore wind and fog which allows this Chardonnay to develop full, forward fruit flavors and balanced acidity. Monterey Chardonnay is distinctive and can be picked out of a blind tasting by its signature trait of tropical and stone fruit flavors. Compared to Chardonnays grown in common regions, a Monterey Chardonnay will generally be more layered in flavors and subtle oak and will exhibit much more developed fruit than a typical central valley or warmer & sunnier appellation. This Chardonnay is bright lemon yellow in color with smells and taste of fresh Fuji apple, Bosc pear, Eureka lemon, pineapple and peach. It is medium bodied, crisp and refreshing with bracing acidity to balance the intensity of flavor. It has lingering notes of honeysuckle and lemon chiffon on the long, dry finish. Enjoy this wonderful Monterey Chardonnay anytime, or with your favorite chicken, fowl or fish dishes. You’re sure to enjoy it.”

If you have tried several Chardonnay’s, you may notice that some have a tart, somewhat bitter taste that can sometimes be strong and overpowering. Not so with this one. This Chardonnay is light, crisp, fruity and the main word that comes to mind is SMOOTH! Its is so very light on the tongue and pleasant to sip. It has a hint of sweetness, just the right amount that would compliment your fish and chicken dishes (or if you like Rabbit as I do, we raise meat rabbits), it would be perfect with that.

I decided to share with two friends to get their opinion on this lovely wine aus nd they did enjoy it.

“Light and refreshing, with just the right balance of sweetness.” - Esther Gosnell

“ I like that it is not too sweet, I liked it.” - Becky Evers

Please support companies such as his that strive to help contribute to supporting pro gun groups such as ours! We are not paid by them for our reviews, but we were sent bottles to try and to give our honest opinions and share with you. Arron also has a wonderful program in place that contributes 2.00 per bottle sale to go back to groups such as ours when you order. If you put in 1MMAGC as the code, that purchase portion goes back to us to offset costs when we travel for 2A purposes, to hold range days, etc.

If you are interested in checking out what they have available (and supporting his company and us), now is the perfect time! Since Wines are finicky when it comes to shipping and heat plays a roll, we are coming into the perfect cool months time to place orders to be shipped directly to you.

Mary Callison