Fridays are for Wine'ding Down...

We will never stop fighting to preserve our 2A Rights and we will continue to bring you 2A content regularly here and on our social media. What we want to do is showcase something fun for Fridays that ties into the gun community. We know hunting is not what the founding fathers had in mind when writing the Constitution, but we support our hunters as infringements to gun ownership affect them greatly. The same with youth shooting competitions, pro gun and outdoor companies etc (just look at what banks and credit card companies were doing…)

SO, this blog will focus on companies that support us and fellow gun owners, activists, etc (such as our new venture repping an outdoorsman run wine company in California! ) . We look forward to sharing!

The next few weeks will focus on the Wines that myself and fellow 1MMAGC spokesmom Rebecca have had the opportunity to try through The Lodge Winery located in Glen Ellen California. As we go into hunting season, we will also look to post game recipes and suggest wine pairings as well. Rebecca is our big huntress and we look forward to sharing this with you all.

It may change and evolve a few times as we look for great content to bring you on top of keeping up with what is happening in our country in terms of gun laws and actions being taken.

Cheers to a safe and fun weekend!

-Mary Callison

Mary Callison