"Mind your biscuits and life will be gravy"... Why what I own in firearms is none of your business... ;)

If you are not comfortable handling guns and/or you make a personal choice not to own or operate firearms for any reason whatsoever, I respect your right to make those decisions for yourself.

That being established, let me make myself crystal clear, you have NO business making that decision for ANYONE but yourself.

The very idea that you would think yourself to be capable of telling anyone how, when, or where they can defend their own life, is completely asinine. Who do you think you are?

The fact that you as some kind of all knowing being (which you are portraying yourself to be) would use your unalienable, constitutionally protected, right of free speech to try to bully and rob those who are exercising their unalienable, constitutionally protected, right of self defense, is at the very least hypocritical and quite frankly smacks more of oppression.

Don't even begin to use the, "Well, I don't know if I can trust [that person] to own a gun" as your argument to regulate who deserves to exercise their inherent freedoms. The fact remains, it is not any of your business who owns what.

Furthermore, that argument is completely invalid. If you are so desperately concerned that someone is so much of a threat that you would strip them of their inherent rights without legal provocation, then you should be just as concerned about them driving a two ton metal death machine at 70mph down a highway full of innocent people. Or the fact that they have landscaping stones around their garden next door. They may have a garage full of carpentry tools, a kitchen full of steak knives and blunt objects such as pots and pans, and let us not leave out the fact that these same people probably have hands and feet. How concerned are you over that?
The point is, anyone can use anything as a deadly weapon.

You, who would specifically target a group of individuals, who choose to protect themselves, simply because of the method and tool they use, are anti American. You are anti freedom, anti liberty, and anti common sense. You are why the founders of this great nation made sure to include the words Shall Not Be Infringed. How dare you try to play God where someone else's life is at stake.

You have every right to choose to defend yourself with the best, most efficient tools available, or not.
You have absolutely no right to make that choice for myself, or anyone else.

#prepared2protect #ShallNotBeInfringed

-Rebecca Schmoe

Mary Callison