We Carry to Protect Life - Be #Prepared2Protect!

It has been suggested that I have become too callous to the violence which has plagued our society. We at 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control endure the utterly nonsensical attack of, “You love guns more than you love your kids” on a daily basis.
I can assure you, nothing could be further from the truth! Not only does my heart break each and every time a senseless murderous rampage occurs, but I am furious that we are still standing aside, wringing our hands, and blaming everything imaginable except the murderous monster who perpetrated the heinous act. 
I am angry. I am angry at the deranged coward who would murder children. I am angry at a society which chooses not to take basic steps to protect our children with the most effective and efficient tools available to us. I'm angry at those individuals who would rather helplessly watch children be slaughtered than protect them; simply because they are more concerned with their own political posturing than the fact that the evidence shows having armed staff in a school drastically reduces the death toll during an active killing event. 
I'm sad, I'm sickened, and I'm angry. These are our children. Given everything else we routinely use firearms to protect in our society, land, money, jewelry, politicians, and celebrities to name a few, why aren’t we giving our children at the very least an equal degree of protection? 
Why are we not protecting our children while they go to a building we have chosen for them to spend the better part of their childhood in? 
It comes down to this, we cannot live in the realm of gun-free-zone hocus pocus any longer. We cannot pretend that criminals will magically obey stickers pasted to a door when they won’t even obey the basic law of not committing murder. “Should” we have to be thinking about arming school staff? No, of course not. In a perfect world our children would not only feel safe, but actually be safe, at school. In a perfect world we would not have deranged murderers feeding off the hysteria in the nightly news, and vice versa. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. We live in the reality that evil people do evil things everyday. 
This is not a job for Washington. Demanding that innocent citizens give up their inalienable right to protect themselves and their children from these very monsters, because criminals commit crimes, is not an option; period. The responsibility of keeping our children safe falls squarely on us as parents, as school staff, and as a community. 
It's time to take back our right to protect our children. It is time to be #prepared2protect!

Rebecca Schmoe