Firearms Fashion Show Indiana War Memorial NRAAM 2019


1MMAGC board member Mary Callison walked the stage during the Fashion and Firearms fashion show Saturday April 27th 2019. The event was hosted by Indiana Girls with Guns, Hiding Hilda, and Realize Fac. Several news outlets came to observe including Reuters and The New York Post. Mary joined several others showcasing fashionable clothing paired with ways to conceal carry. She modeled for Tactica Defense Fashion, showing off their Concealed Carry Sweater and the Tactica Belly Band Holster.

TIME Magazine - October 5th 2018


1MMAGC board member Mary Callison had the opportunity to be part of a TIME Magazine and Artist JR collaboration for the October 5th 2018 edition. The special edition was titled Guns In America and featured 245 pro and anti gun voices to come together and start a discussion. You can listen to her share why she is involved in the gun debate and hear her share her sisters story of survival.