Watch and listen to Rebecca Schmoe on the podcast Keep Calm & Carry with Fit n Fire. They discuss Red Flag Laws and some of what went on in the House Judiciary Committee Assault Weapons Ban Hearing last week.




Rebecca Schmoe spoke out about Red Flag Laws at the Kansas State Capitol during a pro gun rally. Check out her speech.


So, if Red Flag Law’s are clearly not about safety, not about helping those who suffer from mental health issues, and they infringe on the Bill of Rights in its entirety, you have to ask yourself, what is the goal?
As always, the goal is control.”


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Mary Callison speaking at March for Our Rights Rally Wheaton IL July 2019

Mary Callison speaking at March for Our Rights Rally Wheaton IL July 2019

Thanks to IGOT (Illinois Gun Owners Together) for all their hard work and Anthony Bartosiewicz for being a TRUE grassroots student standing up for gun owners.

You can watch the full speeches here:



Rep. Allen Skillicorn was one of the speakers at this March for our Rights event as well.

June 15th 2019 The Resurgent article on DC Project:

Gabriella Hoffman (of The Resurgent) covered The DC Project Rally and Range days last week in Washington DC. An amazing article on the time we spent there talking with our Legislators.


Head to Student of the Gun to listen to Mary Callison discuss the Firearms Fashion Show with two of her fellow The DC Project sisters Rhonda Ezell and Holly Sullivan. May 1st 2019     https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2082831082019647&id=110917348997274

Head to Student of the Gun to listen to Mary Callison discuss the Firearms Fashion Show with two of her fellow The DC Project sisters Rhonda Ezell and Holly Sullivan. May 1st 2019


Firearms Fashion Show Indiana War Memorial NRAAM 2019


1MMAGC board member Mary Callison walked the stage during the Fashion and Firearms fashion show Saturday April 27th 2019. The event was hosted by Indiana Girls with Guns, Hiding Hilda, and Realize Fac. Several news outlets came to observe including Reuters and The New York Post. Mary joined several others showcasing fashionable clothing paired with ways to conceal carry. She modeled for Tactica Defense Fashion, showing off their Concealed Carry Sweater and the Tactica Belly Band Holster.



October 29th 2018

Mary Callison Discusses Being in the TIME Magazine November Issue with Cam Edwards.


TIME Magazine - October 5th 2018


1MMAGC board member Mary Callison had the opportunity to be part of a TIME Magazine and Artist JR collaboration for the October 5th 2018 edition. The special edition was titled Guns In America and featured 245 pro and anti gun voices to come together and start a discussion. You can listen to her share why she is involved in the gun debate and hear her share her sisters story of survival.


October 11, 2018


Mary Callison had the opportunity to join James Kaleda on his podcast Out of Order discussing everything from her sisters story, to being an officers wife



June 5th 2018 - Mary Callison on Cam and Co. Discussing another town in IL trying to ban commonly owned rifles….


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May 9 2018 Cam and Company

“I Carry Because…” 1MMAGC board member and spokesmom, Rebecca Schmoe, joined Cam and Company to talk about the importance of why she carries.


April 20 2018

Rebecca Schmoe Took to the Kansas Capitol steps to speak out against more gun control.

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March 14, 2018 - Mary Callison and Ann Marie Suter headed to protest the NON student led walkouts at Romeoville H.S. in Romeoville IL.

Update: It was proven a year later with FOIA requests that the student walkouts were indeed NOT student led thanks to the hard work of Illinois Watchdogs for Constitutional Rights.

WBBM Article by Bernie Tafoya


CBS Broadcast


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April 30 2017 Shout out from Dana Loesch on Instagram


May 22nd 2016 NRAAM Louisville KY Mary Callison and her sister Melissa Schuster join Cam and discuss Melissa’s survival.


November 3rd 2015 - “Fighting Back With Some Help” - Cameron Gray

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Episode #213 3/17/2015 - David Clyde welcomes  Shannon Pruchnik of 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control. She talks about how women should be able to protect themselves and their families with the use of firearms, how the ATF & Democrats are trying implement a ban on AR-15 bullets, saying they are 'armor-piercing'  and the "Hollywood Perception" about firearms. 


January 22, 2015 - Tweet mentioned in NewsMax in dealing with Bryant Gumbel comments about NRA


November 21, 2014 Open letter to Colorado Governor Hickenlooper by former 1mmagc mom Linda Elliot


“Females leading the fight for Gun Rights in U.S. “


Daily Caller Article 11/11/2014


“When someone accumulates more than 40 violations of law in mere minutes to perpetrate unimaginable horrors upon others, there are no laws that will stop him but the laws of physics.” 

- Heather Marchese Founder 1MMAGC


May 13 2014


“Meet real moms for gun safety: 1MMAGC, One Million Moms Against Gun Control”


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March 3rd 2014 The Arms Room Podcast


May 13th 2013 Mothers Day Salute from DC Clothesline.

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1MM---Cover-black4 (2).jpg

April 21 1013 - CCDL Rally in Connecticut



March 24 2013

“1 Million Moms Against Gun Control Goes National”